marry in haste and repent at leisure

This formula can be applied to rash steps other than marriage: e.g. 1998 Spectator 10 Jan. 6 All modern governments legislate in haste and repent at leisure. A frequent recent variant is act in haste, repent at leisure: e.g. 1998 Times 26 Jan. 21 ‘Act in haste, repent at leisure’ would be a poor epitaph for the UK’s presidency [of the EU].

1568 E. TILNEY Duties in Marriage B4 Some haue loued in post hast, that afterwards haue repented them at leysure.

1615 J. DAY Festivals x. Marrying in hast, and Repenting by leasure.

1734 B. FRANKLIN Poor Richard’s Almanack (May) Grief often treads upon the heels of pleasure, Marry’d in haste, we oft repent at leisure.

1872 W. STIRLING-MAXWELL Works (1891) VI. xvii. ‘Marry in haste and repent at leisure’ is a proverb that may be borne in mind with advantage in the choice of a party as well as of a wife.

2002 National Review 11 Mar. 28 One might with justice adapt the old proverb about marriage to the adorning of the skin in this savage fashion: Tattoo in haste, repent at leisure.

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